Stainless steel balustrade designs

We fabricate a wide range of balustrades using various metal types. The section below describes the various types of stainless steel designs.

Our balustrades:

  • Meet building regulations
  • Are customised to your requirements
  • Can be delivered and installed

Stainless steel balustrade with glass infill

A very common design is to combine stainless steel with glass to create a beautiful balustrade. The stainless steel forms the frame and structure with glass infill as the panels.

Stainless steel grades 316 and 304

We manufacture using to types of stainless steel grades and these are 304 and 316. Generally 304 is used for indoor fabrications and 316 is used outdoors. The difference is the resistance to corrosion.

Stainless steel finishes – satin or mirror

Stainless steel balustrades can be finished in satin or mirror finish. The satin finish creates a dim finish with no reflection with mirror finish creating that shiny mirror effect.

Stainless steel Q-rail

Q-rail balustrades provide a spectacular looking balustrade. There is a bottom channel sections that the glass is supported by and a top rail that fits over the glass. This design adds elegant character to any property.

Frameless glass balustrade with stainless steel supports

Frameless glass balustrades are designed using stainless steel supports spaced at various intervals. This creates a frameless glass effect..

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