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Unequal Equal angle Flat  Tee section  Square bar Square tube Rectangular Round bar Round tube Channel

Aluminium stucco sheet

We stock aluminium stucco sheet. Stuccco sheet has a number of applications acrosss various industries.


 Aluminium checker plate sheet

Aluminium checker plate is widley used for surface applications such as flooring. It is also used as kick / push plates

Aluminium Sheet Alloy 1050A H14/H24

Length Width Thickness KG/Sheet
2000mm 1000mm 0.5mm 2.74
2500mm 1250mm 0.5mm 4.28
2000mm 1000mm 0.6mm 3.28
2500mm 1250mm 0.6mm 5.13
2000mm 1000mm 0.7mm 3.83
2500mm 1250mm 0.7mm 5.99
2000mm 1000mm 0.8mm 4.38
2500mm 1250mm 0.8mm 6.84
2438mm 1219mm 0.9mm 7.32
2000mm 1000mm 1.0mm 5.47
2500mm 1250mm 1.0mm 8.55
3000mm 1250mm 1.0mm 10.26
2000mm 1000mm 1.2mm 6.57
2438mm 1219mm 1.2mm 9.76
2500mm 1250mm 1.2mm 10.26
3000mm 1250mm 1.2mm 12.32
3658mm 1250mm 1.2mm 15
3000mm 1500mm 1.2mm 14.78
3658mm 1500mm 1.2mm 18
2000mm 1000mm 1.5mm 8.21
2500mm 1000mm 1.5mm 10.26
3000mm 1000mm 1.5mm 12.32
3100mm 1000mm 1.5mm 12.73
2500mm 1250mm 1.5mm 12.83
3000mm 1250mm 1.5mm 15.4
3250mm 1250mm 1.5mm 16.68
3500mm 1250mm 1.5mm 17.96
3658mm 1250mm 1.5mm 18.7
3750mm 1250mm 1.5mm 19.25
4000mm 1250mm 1.5mm 20.53
2500mm 1500mm 1.5mm 15.4
3000mm 1500mm 1.5mm 18.48
3658mm 1500mm 1.5mm 22.5
4000mm 1500mm 1.5mm 24.63
2438mm 1219mm 1.9mm 15.46
2500mm 1250mm 1.9mm 16.25
3100mm 1250mm 1.9mm 20.15
3000mm 1500mm 1.9mm 23.4
4000mm 2000mm 1.9mm 41.2
2000mm 1000mm 2.0mm 10.95
2500mm 1000mm 2.0mm 13.69
3000mm 1000mm 2.0mm 16.42
4000mm 1000mm 2.0mm 21.9
2500mm 1250mm 2.0mm 17.11
3000mm 1250mm 2.0mm 20.53
3100mm 1250mm 2.0mm 21.21
3250mm 1250mm 2.0mm 22.24
3500mm 1250mm 2.0mm 23.95
3658mm 1250mm 2.0mm 25
3750mm 1250mm 2.0mm 25.66
4000mm 1250mm 2.0mm 27.37
3000mm 1400mm 2.0mm 22.99
4000mm 1400mm 2.0mm 30.66
2500mm 1500mm 2.0mm 20.53
3000mm 1500mm 2.0mm 24.63
3100mm 1500mm 2.0mm 25.46
3250mm 1500mm 2.0mm 26.69
3500mm 1500mm 2.0mm 28.74
3658mm 1500mm 2.0mm 30
3750mm 1500mm 2.0mm 30.79
4000mm 1500mm 2.0mm 32.85
4000mm 2000mm 2.0mm 43.79
2438mm 1219mm 2.48mm 20.17
2000mm 1000mm 2.5mm 13.69
2500mm 1250mm 2.5mm 21.38
3000mm 1500mm 2.5mm 30.79
2438mm 1219mm 2.79mm 22.7
2438mm 1219mm 2.9mm 23.59
2500mm 1250mm 2.9mm 24.8
3100mm 1250mm 2.9mm 30.76
3000mm 1500mm 2.9mm 35.72
4000mm 2000mm 2.9mm 63.5
2000mm 1000mm 3.0mm 16.42
2500mm 1000mm 3.0mm 20.53
3000mm 1000mm 3.0mm 24.63
2500mm 1250mm 3.0mm 25.66
3000mm 1250mm 3.0mm 30.79
3100mm 1250mm 3.0mm 31.82
3250mm 1250mm 3.0mm 33.36
3500mm 1250mm 3.0mm 35.92
3658mm 1250mm 3.0mm 37.5
3750mm 1250mm 3.0mm 38.49
4000mm 1250mm 3.0mm 41.06
3000mm 1400mm 3.0mm 34.49
4000mm 1400mm 3.0mm 45.98
2500mm 1500mm 3.0mm 30.79
3250mm 1500mm 3.0mm 40.03
3000mm 1500mm 3.0mm 36.95
3100mm 1500mm 3.0mm 38.18
3500mm 1500mm 3.0mm 43.11
3658mm 1500mm 3.0mm 44.9
3750mm 1500mm 3.0mm 46.19
4000mm 2000mm 3.0mm 65.69

Aluminium Sheet Alloy 5251 H22

Length Width Thickness KG/Sheet
2000mm 1000mm 1.0mm 5.43
2500mm 1250mm 1.0mm 8.49
2000mm 1000mm 1.2mm 6.52
2500mm 1250mm 1.2mm 10.19
2000mm 1000mm 1.5mm 8.15
2500mm 1250mm 1.5mm 12.74
3000mm 1500mm 1.5mm 18.34
2000mm 1000mm 2.0mm 10.87
2500mm 1250mm 2.0mm 16.98
3000mm 1500mm 2.0mm 24.45
2000mm 1000mm 2.5mm 13.58
2500mm 1250mm 2.5mm 21.23
2000mm 1000mm 3.0mm 16.3
2500mm 1250mm 3.0mm 25.47
3000mm 1500mm 3.0mm 36.68

Aluminium Architectural Sheet Alloy 1050A H14/H24 PVC Coated one side

Length Width Thickness KG/Sheet
2500mm 1000mm 2.0mm 13.7
2500mm 1600mm 2.0mm 21.9
2500mm 1750mm 2.0mm 23.95
3000mm 1400mm 2.0mm 23
3000mm 1600mm 2.0mm 26.28
3000mm 1750mm 2.0mm 28.74
3000mm 2000mm 2.0mm 32.85
3100mm 1250mm 2.0mm 21.2
3250mm 1250mm 2.0mm 22.3
3500mm 1250mm 2.0mm 24
3658mm 1250mm 2.0mm 25
3750mm 1250mm 2.0mm 25.7
4000mm 1400mm 2.0mm 30.7
4000mm 1600mm 2.0mm 35.03
4000mm 1750mm 2.0mm 38.32
2438mm 1219mm 2.48mm 20.1
2438mm 1219mm 2.9mm 23.5
2500mm 1250mm 2.9mm 24.7
3100mm 1250mm 2.9mm 30.7
3000mm 1500mm 2.9mm 36.9
4000mm 2000mm 2.9mm 63.3
2500mm 1000mm 3.0mm 20.6
2500mm 1500mm 3.0mm 30.8
2500mm 1600mm 3.0mm 32.9
2500mm 1750mm 3.0mm 35.9
3000mm 1400mm 3.0mm 34.5
3000mm 1600mm 3.0mm 39.4
3000mm 1750mm 3.0mm 43.1
3000mm 2000mm 3.0mm 49.3
3100mm 1250mm 3.0mm 31.9
3100mm 1500mm 3.0mm 38.2
3250mm 1250mm 3.0mm 33.4
3250mm 1500mm 3.0mm 39.5
3500mm 1250mm 3.0mm 36
3500mm 1500mm 3.0mm 43.2
3658mm 1250mm 3.0mm 37.4
3658mm 1500mm 3.0mm 44.9
3750mm 1250mm 3.0mm 38.5
3750mm 1500mm 3.0mm 46.2
4000mm 1400mm 3.0mm 46
4000mm 1600mm 3.0mm 52.6
4000mm 1750mm 3.0mm 57.5

Aluminium Sheet Alloy 3103 H14

Length Width Thickness KG/Sheet
2500mm 1250mm 1.5mm 12.92
2500mm 1250mm 2.0mm 17.23
2500mm 1250mm 3.0mm 25.85
3000mm 1250mm 3.0mm 31.02

Aluminium Sheet Alloy 5083 H111

Length Width Thickness KG/Sheet
2500mm 1250mm 1.5mm 12.64
2500mm 1250mm 2.0mm 16.85
2500mm 1250mm 3.0mm 25.28

Aluminium Sheet Alloy 6082 T6

Length Width Thickness KG/Sheet
2500mm 1250mm 2.0mm 17.04
2500mm 1250mm 3.0mm 25.57

Painted Sheet

Aluminium Painted Sheet, Alloy 3105/3003 H44 VC1 - White Painted and Vinyl Coated One Side

Length Width Thickness KG/Sheet
2000mm 1000mm 0.5mm 2.8
2500mm 1250mm 0.5mm 4.3
2000mm 1000mm 0.6mm 3.3
2500mm 1250mm 0.6mm 5.2
2500mm 1250mm 0.9mm 7.62
2500mm 1250mm 1.2mm 10.2
2500mm 1250mm 1.5mm 12.8
2500mm 1250mm 2.0mm 15.5

Stucco Sheet

Aluminium Stucco Sheet Alloy 1050A H14

Length Width Thickness KG/Sheet
2000mm 1000mm 0.5mm 2.74
2500mm 1250mm 0.5mm 4.28
2000mm 1000mm 0.6mm 3.29
2500mm 1250mm 0.6mm 5.13
2000mm 1000mm 0.7mm 3.83
2500mm 1250mm 0.7mm 5.99
2000mm 1000mm 0.8mm 4.38
2500mm 1250mm 0.8mm 6.84
3000mm 1250mm 0.9mm 9.24
3000mm 1500mm 0.9mm 11.1
2500mm 1250mm 1.0mm 8.55
2500mm 1250mm 1.2mm 10.3
3000mm 1250mm 1.2mm 12.3
3000mm 1500mm 1.2mm 14.8


Aalco TripleGrip Aluminium Treadplate Alloy 5052 H32

Length Width Thickness KG/Sheet
2500mm 1250mm 1.5mm 13.9
2500mm 1250mm 2.0mm 18.1
2500mm 1250mm 3.0mm 26.6

Aluminium 5-Bar Treadplate Alloy 5754 H114

Length Width Thickness KG/Sheet
2438mm 1219mm 1.95mm 16.5
2438mm 1219mm 2.0mm 17.8
2500mm 1250mm 2.0mm 18.7
3000mm 1500mm 2.0mm 26.8
2438mm 1219mm 2.95mm 24.9
2000mm 1000mm 3.0mm 17.3
2438mm 1219mm 3.0mm 25.7
2500mm 1250mm 3.0mm 27
3000mm 1500mm 3.0mm 38.9
2438mm 1219mm 4.4mm 37.2
2000mm 1000mm 4.5mm 25
2438mm 1219mm 4.5mm 37.2
2500mm 1250mm 4.5mm 39.2
3000mm 1500mm 4.5mm 56.3
2438mm 1219mm 6.0mm 49.2
2500mm 1250mm 6.0mm 51.7
3000mm 1500mm 6.0mm 74.3


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