Floating Cantilever Staircases

Floating Cantilever Staircase

“a wow-factor staircase system”

Floating stairs, also known as cantilever stairs or hanging stairs, are characterised by a design where there are no supports between treads, giving the illusion that the stair treads are floating. It is for this reason that suspended, or floating staircases are popular in homes where there is a desire to create something very special.

The treads of floating staircases are usually fixed to a solid structure one end, ensuring support and stability of the individual treads. Often the weight of a floating staircase’s treads is distributed by fixing the visible end to a handrail or frameless sheet of glass which significantly braces and unifies the structure.

  • Floating appearance

  • Open risers that allow the light to flow

  • Fully tailored

To get a qoute on your floating cantilever staircase, we need to know the following 1. Floor to floor measurement of your staircase, 2. internal or external 3. preference of tread types and metalwork colours.

Our ordering process

  • Quotation

    Stage 1

    Provide us with the required information for qouting (1. residential or commercial, 2. intenral or external, 3. floor to floor height, 4. bespoke requirements)

  • Survey

    Stage 2

    We can undertake a survey of the area that is ready for measurement


  • CAD drawings & 3D renders

    Stage 3

    We will produce 3D drawings of the proposed floating staircase. This will enable you to see your staircase before manufacture and forms the basis of all work that follows.

  • Manufacturing

    Stage 4

    The floating staircase will undergo manufacture following the completed sign off of our CAD drawings and illustrations.


  • Delivery and/or Installation

    Stage 5

    Depending on the services you require, we will either deliver or delivery and install the floating staircase

Timber Treads

Many timber choices

Our treads are manufactured using some of the finest timbers available. We manufacture our treads using a very broad range of timbers from Oak to Sapele. This ensures that you get exactly what you are looking for and also enables you to match to an existing wood species, for example you might have an Ash floor and want to have matching stairtreads.  Or perhaps you might have a specific colour theme that you want us to work towards.

Bespoke, quality timber

Our stair treads are all manufactured to order using sustainable sources only. Samples can be ordered from us. Please send an email with the species and finishes that you would like.

Common timber species that we work with

Oak, Walnut, Sapele and Ash

Non timber-based options that we work with:

Carbon Fibre, Resin Composites, Concrete based castings

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