Walkout Balcony / Balcony Platform

“balconies add value to properties by creating additional and desirable outdoor spaces”

Our walkout balcony platforms are designed and tailored to your needs and budget. Constructing a walk-out style balcony platform is a job for a skilled architectural steel company.

We have many years experience of discussing, designing, fabricating & installing superior, bespoke & affordable Balcony Platforms, or, as otherwise know as ‘Walk-On Balconies

  • Galvanised Finish

  • Multiple Balustrade Options

  • Online quotes

To get a quote on your balcony platform (walkout balcony), we will need to know some basic dimensions for quotation purposes

  1. width x depth of balcony
  2. Height of balcony platform

Our ordering process

  • Quotation

    Stage 1

    Provide us with the required information for qouting (1. residential or commercial, 2. intenral or external, 3. floor to floor height, 4. bespoke requirements)

  • Survey

    Stage 2

    We can undertake a survey of the area that is ready for measurement

  • CAD drawings & 3D renders

    Stage 3

    We will produce 3D drawings of the proposed balcony platform. This will enable you to see your balcony platform before manufacture and forms the basis of all work that follows.

  • Manufacturing

    Stage 4

    The balcony platform will undergo manufacture following the completed sign off of our CAD drawings and illustrations.

  • Delivery and/or Installation

    Stage 5

    Depending on the services you require, we will either deliver or delivery and install the balcony platform