Spiral Staircases

Spiral Staircase photo showing stainless steel handrail and powder coated and galvanised frame
Spiral Staircase photo showing stainless steel handrail and powder coated and galvanised frame

External Spiral Staircases

We offer and extensive range of galvanized spiral staircases suitable for coastal regions. Our spiral staircases can be used as a means of access to roof terraces, split level gardens, raised patios or balconies

So why not create space and access to the outdoors with one of our external spiral stairs.

All our external staircases are bespoke and tailored to your requirements. Our recommended finish for external spiral staircases is galvaising and then powder coating, the galvanising provides a long lasting protective coating to the base material an the powder coating adds a high quality coloured coating to the galvanised finish

  • Tailored to your requirements

  • Compliant to Part K and BS 5395 PART II

  • Full turnkey service, survey, manufacture, delivery and installation

To get a price on your spiral staircase project. We will need to know some basic information first

  • is the spiral staircase internal or external?
  • is the spiral for residental or commercial use?
  • Floor to floor measurement of the spiral staircase?

The Spiral Staircase Ordering Process

  • Quotation

    Stage 1

    Provide us with the required information for qouting (1. residential or commercial, 2. intenral or external, 3. floor to floor height, 4. bespoke requirements)

  • Survey

    Stage 2

    We can undertake a survey of the area that is ready for measurement


  • CAD drawings & 3D renders

    Stage 3

    We will produce 3D drawings of the propsed spiral staircase. This will enable you to see your staircase before manufacture and forms the basis of all work that follows.

  • Manufacturing

    Stage 4

    The spiral staircase will undergo manufacture following the completed sign off of our CAD drawings and illustrations.


  • Delivery and/or Installation

    Stage 5

    Depending on the services you require, we will either deliver or delivery and install the spiral staircase

Categories of spiral staircase as defined in BS 5395 PART II

A small private stair intended to be used by a limited number of people who are generally familiar with stair for example an internal stair in a dwelling serving one room not being a living room or a kitchen, access stair to a small room or plant in an office, shop, factory, not used by the public, or fire escape for a small number of people.

Min/Max Rise Per Tread: 170–220
Min Clear Width Between Pole & Handrails: 600
Min Going Centre of Tread: 145

What is Part K?

Part K provides information about the requirements for the “protective barrier” elements, in simple terms, this is the balustrade and guarding used around your spiral staircase.

You can find further information on the planning portal: Part K planning Portal

What is BS5395?

BS5395 is simply a code of practice document produced by the BSI group. It is an advisory document with a set of standards which are the view, opinion and perspective of the BSI group.  It is important to note that the BS5395 is not a specification standard of spiral staircases but rather and advisory document. There is a part in building regulations known as K1 Build regulations which requires that spiral confirm to these standards, this is where you need to make sure your spiral staircase is conformant BS5395. It is possible that your local authority build control office may approve staircases that are not fully compliant but often that is a view of the local building control office. We strongly advise all our customers to familiarise themselves with BS5395 and building regulation Part K to ensure that the spiral staircase that they are purchasing conforms to the required building regulations. If unsure, ask your manufacturer to confirm if the spiral staircase conforms to the necessary standards

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