Our Shoreham Walkout Balcony Balustrade

Our client wanted a seamless view for their walkout balcony project. We suggested having a frameless glass balustrade system with a mirror-polished stainless steel handrail.

The finish of stainless steel in coastal regions is very important to the maintenance aspect and longevity of the stainless steel. Brushed finish stainless steel is no ideally suited for coastal application, although can be used, but with more maintenance.

The Shoreham walk-out balcony project

Specifications of the Walkout Balcony Project

  • Project Location: Shoreham, East Sussex
  • Installed area: Front Garden
  • Fixing method: Track-based balustrade, installed to timber and steelwork
  • Balustrade type: Frameless with a handrail
  • Glass type: 15mm monolithic toughened glass
  • Handrail: 42.4mm mirror polished stainless steel
  • Roof finish: GRP

A walkout balcony is an outdoor extension of a building’s upper floor, typically accessible through a door. It offers additional outdoor space and can provide views and fresh air.

This depends on your local authority. In many areas, adding a balcony to a building requires planning permission, especially if it affects the external appearance or structure of the building and if you can look into a neighbour’s yard/house. Under planning, you might need to have a privacy screen to the side.  We would always advise that you check with your local planning office.

The balcony structure or frame is normally made from galvanised steel. The galvanised steel provides excellent corrosion resistance in external setting but more importantly in coastal or harsh marine environments. The galvanised finish can be coated to a colour of your choice.

The flooring is normally composite decking set of timber or metal joists

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Customise your walkout balcony

All of our walkout balcony solutions are bespoke. This means that you can fully customise your walkout balcony to your requirements. The options that can be customised are the style of the metal framework, from circular columns to square columns.

The balustrade can be customised, with frameless and fully framed options available. You can even match the colour of the metalwork to match the glazing or other items of your property.

Below are some basic customisation options for our walkout balcony projects

We recommend that all external metalwork be galvanised. This is a very important finishing process as it adds a layer of zinc to the metalwork. The zinc coating provide excellent corrosion resistance. We advise that all structures should be galvanised at a minimum.

Can you leave the balcony as galvanised metalwork? Yes, you can leave the frame galvanised however, you might want to have it coated so that it does not appear too industrial.

Paint Finishes

When the walkout balcony has been galvanised, we recommend finishing the galvanised metal in a colour. We can finish all metalwork in a variety of colours normally known as RAL colours

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